CEO Greeting

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Thank you and welcome to visit KOREA INNOTECH’s website.
My name is Heo, Young-Sik and the president of Korea Innotech Co. Ltd.

KOREA INNOTECH had started special printing business in 1982, and currently we mainly produce parts for lithium-ion battery.
We have committed to enhancing global competitiveness through sustained investment and technical development in the intensive competition.

Internally, we have achieved cost reduction with continued technical development and production process improvement. And externally, we exert our effort to satisfy customer’s needs in this market that is being diversified.

Finally Korea Innotech became a South Korea’s major company in the lithium-ion battery parts business despite of fierce competition.

Now we are on the verge of a new leap forward.
We will build up the next stage for the global company based on the youth and Passion
Korea Innotech promise you that we would keep advancing to stand on top of this business field with transparent management, trust and diligence.

Therefore please watch us with continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

President of Korea Innotech Co., Ltd Heo Young Sik